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I took quite a few photos of the Total Lunar Eclipse on October 27-28, 2004. This page provides links to a few things I did with the photos


For the second half of the eclipse (from just after leaving totality through to the end), my camera was set to take a shot every 20 seconds. I then took these time lapse shots, imported them into Director, aligned them and exported the movies you see below. Unfortunately I couldn't get the moon to stay in one place without making it appear to jitter around a lot, so that's the reason you'll see the moon drifting.

All the movies below are exactly the same, just exported in different formats. They are each an almost 6 seconds long.

xvid AVI format - 200KB (you may need the XviD codec)
Sorenson 3 Quicktime - 276KB
VBR .wmv - 93KB
better .wmv - 299KB


Unfortunately the 5x zoom I have on my camera isn't enough to get a very large shot of the moon. As such instead of providing any single pictures of the moon, I've turned them into wallpapers.

There are 2 triple-monitor wallpapers, 2 dual-monitor wallpapers, and 1 regular screen wallpaper.

View the Wallpapers in the Photo Gallery


These images were shot with a Pentax Optio 550, mounted on a mini (pocket sized) tripod. The camera is 5-megapixel and has a 5x optical zoom. Unfortunately higher-resolution or a bigger zoom would be much better for these shots as all the images here are full-size.

The camera was set to take an image every 20 seconds. I stopped it 3 times to change the shutter-speed, and you can notice this in the video as the moon suddenly becomes dimmer between frames.

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